Hotel Restaurant of the Venetian Tradition
Asiago Plateau

La Baitina is a historic place in the Asiago Plateau that stands out for its characteristic environment and breathtaking views.

It is the perfect place for those who love mountains and tranquility: a true island of peace, completely surrounded by greenery.

Mountain style and tradition are at home here: from the environment, which has remained deliberately faithful to its origins, to the cuisine, closely linked to the territory and its products.

Hotel Asiago La Baitina Historic place

La Baitina is a 3-star hotel consisting of 33 rooms spread over 2 structures. At the Baitina you can breathe tradition and resavor the pleasure of simplicity. A stay suitable for those looking for a holiday full of relaxation and nature. La Baitina is animal-friendly, in fact, it has rooms designed for stays with your inseparable 4-legged friends.

The hotel has many conventions and will be happy to provide advice that will make you live an unforgettable experience in the wonderful Asiago plateau.

Traditional cuisine restaurant in Asiago

Ours is a traditional cuisine with excellent products at km 0. The menu is constantly renewed and revolves around the products available in season. Asiago is renowned for its cheeses but at Baitina you will also discover many other delicacies typicalof a territory that has always preserved its treasures.

A dinner at the Baitina means eating healthy without losing the pleasure of company and gourmet dishes. The menu is accompanied by a wine list that will satisfy even the most refined palates.

Asiago plateau and its treasures

Plateau, also called "dei 7 Comuni" (“of the Seven Municipalities”), is located in Veneto at 1000 meters above sea level, in the province of Vicenza. Going up from the plain along a steep road of ten hairpin bends, the plateau shows a magnificent landscape made of vast meadows, villages with tall bell towersand a crown of peaks.

The Asiago plateau has the largest number of pastures in the entire Alpine arc. Here, for centuries, nature has encountered the transformation techniques of the ancient local cheese making art, giving life to the famous Asiago DOP cheese.

Sport Itineraries Events and Fairs in Asiago

Find out what to do at La Baitina

Trekking itineraries

La Baitina promotes and provides detailed information on the most mountain trekking routes that will make you live unforgettable experiences

Food and wine itineraries

For lovers of taste, our structure has agreements with local companies that will give your vacation top-level taste experiences.


At Baitina, sport is at home! Discover all the winter activities and don't forget that even in summer the plateau offers incredible adventures and experiences

Events and fairs

In Asiago, culture is at home. At many times of the year, the plateau offers exhibitions dedicated to taste, the history of the territory and culture in tradition.